Maintenance & service

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The novel service concept guarantees minimum refrigeration supply loss

The chiller itself is maintenance-free and does not have to be checked. Due to the refrigerant propane R290, no leak tests are necessary at the plant as well. Only the gas sensor has to be checked at regular intervals.

If there is, however, a fault on the device, no refrigeration engineer, who recommissions the plant, is necessary on site.

The novel service concept provides for replacing the chiller completely.

Due to the easy installation, it can be decoupled from the water/brine supply system without great effort and disconnected from the control box by the plug system. The replacement only takes a few minutes.

By means of the skids on the bottom of the chillers, they can be transported easily using a lift truck.

On request, we provide a replacement device and repair the defective device in our workshop. Thus, a quick and smooth operation of your plant is ensured in the event of a fault.

Upon request, the warranty can be extended to 5 years.