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Maintenance of refrigeration systems

The Futron service concept - „Jump In and Jump Out“

An important aspect in today’s world is the quick and uncomplicated replacement of defective components / devices. This reduces the use of costly specialist and service personnel. If there is a defect in one of the devices, the corresponding chiller is therefore removed and sent in for repair or replaced.

The Plug’n’Play system enables coded connector systems and Victaulic® connections to easily separate all interfaces. The entire cooling capacity of the system can accordingly be restored within a very short time. The “Jump In and Jump Out” system also avoids working on refrigeration circuits on site.

This is how the "Jump In and Jump Out" exchange principle works

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defective refrigeration system

Once a device has reported a defect, call us.

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Chiller replacement

The defective device is disconnected from the system and decoupled. Afterwards, please send it back to us for verification.

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new chiller

In a short time your repaired or new device will be delivered to you.*

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working Refrigeration system

The new or repaired device can be reinstalled and connected quickly and easily.

* Observe the warranty conditions