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Freezing without a separate chiller Unique patented design

deep freezing

The MultiLowChill (MLC) is the solution for deep-freeze rooms. All components such as compressors, evaporators, desuperheaters, condensers, expansion tanks, switching and safety devices are compactly housed in the housing. The refrigerant is liquefied as a cascade via a purchaser’s brine system (≤-5°C). As a single device, the MLC can achieve cooling capacities of up to 10 kW. If several devices are used in the hydraulic network, higher total outputs and redundancies are available depending on the number of devices.

The MLC is supplied with a separate, ready-touse Siemens control. Access via Ethernet (HMI for Web using a browser) is possible. Our MLC has had a published patent since March 2018.

product details:

  • cooling capacity: 2,5 kW to 15 kW
  • dimensions w/d/h: 1600/860/680 mm
  • weight: ca. 220-270 kg

Use of CO2 subcritical

overview advantages:

  • Brine-cooled compact cooling unit for deep-freeze applications
  • Unique / patented design
  • frequency converter
  • Filled ready for use
  • Compact solution for freezer rooms
  • Safe, maintenance-free 1) & environmentally friendly refrigeration technology

1) excluding safety devices and gas sensors