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hydraulic switch

The MultiHydroSwitch is a special, hydraulic switch that can be used together with the MultiHydro and the MultiHeatRecovery. It serves for the necessary, hydraulic decoupling of the refrigeration from the consumer side and as cold brine buffer in smaller power ranges.

  • MultiHydroSwitch

    image without thermal insulation

product details:

  • volume: 420 Liter
  • dimensions w/d/h: 707/550/1910 mm
  • weight: ca. 550 kg

overview advantages:

  • All pipes and accumulators made entirely of stainless steel
  • On-site flange connections (DN80 / DN100 / DN125)
  • Insulation for the cold side with soft foam insulation, e.g. Armaflex® depending on the temperature range
  • Warm side insulation lined with Rockwool aluminum

Downloads: MultiHydroSwitch