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The MultiHeatRecovery is a supplementary module for transferring heat from the recooling system to another system. With a heat exchanger on a frame, the MultiHeatRecovery can be easily flanged to the MultiHydro.

Heat recovery up to max. Recooling capacity with plate heat exchanger as a supplement to the MultiChillers with MultiHydro.

product details:

  • dimensions w/d/h: 1001/600/1840-1900 mm
  • weight: ca. 120-130 kg

overview advantages:

  • Decoupling of the recooling capacity
  • All pipes made of stainless steel
  • Mixer temperature control including control
  • Easy to bottle on MultiHydro module
  • On-site flange connections (DN80 / DN100 / DN125)
  • Incl. Insulation for cold and warm pipes

Downloads: MultiHeatRecovery