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refrigeration generator without separate installation conditions

normal & air conditioning

Our MultiEcoChill for outdoor installation in public areas. The MultiEcoChill (MEC) is the ideal solution for installation in all areas. Separate installation conditions do not have to be observed. In the MEC, the MultiChiller forms the basis for refrigeration. This means that many variants are possible. Free cooling, redundant cooling circuit, heat recovery, heat

installation of consumer pumps can be configured. The MEC is used in retail, breweries, data centers, office complexes and in various process cooling applications. Depending on the cooling capacity, the refrigerant charge is only 1.0 to 2.4kg/refrigerant circuit. This enables a safe installation in the general access area according to DIN EN 378-1. Thanks to our “Jump In and Jump Out” service concept, a MultiChiller can be exchanged quickly.

product details:

  • cooling capactily: 50 kW to 120 kW
  • thermal output: 65 kW to 140 kW
  • dimensions B/T/H: 4500-5900/1640/2750 mm
  • weight: 2200-3500 kg

overview advantages:

  • No separate installation conditions
  • Very low refrigerant charge (<2.5kg / refrigeration cycle)
  • Soft start for motor current limiter or frequency converter
  • Heat recovery or free cooling with 120% cooling capacity (optional)
  • Safe system technology with two-stage gas sensor and spatial separation between switchgear and refrigeration technology
  • Separate refrigeration circuits through redundancy
  • Safe, maintenance-free 1) & environmentally friendly refrigeration technology

1) excluding safety devices and gas sensors