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Control unit Siemens Climatix

For our MultiChiller (MC), MultiAirChill (MAC) and the MultiLowChill (MLC) we use the Siemens Climatix control as standard for each device. This is a decentralised control system with specially developed software. With the Climatix and the “master-slave system”, several devices can be controlled simultaneously in the MC network or MAC network. For this, a device is defined as the “master”.

The “master” takes over the group control of all devices. Communication with the purchaser is also possible. Various interfaces such as Modbus TCP or RTU / BACnet IP or MSTP can be used. Access via Ethernet (HMI for Web using a browser) can also be used. Plant data can be viewed and parameters changed via this interface. The device is operated via a portable, graphic line display and optionally via one of the system interfaces mentioned above.

product details:

  • Communication via BUS system (Modbus TCP or RTU / BACnet IP or MSTP)
  • Up to 8 MultiChillers can be controlled together
  • dimensions w/d/h: ca. 680/900/1010 mm
  • weight: ca. 36 kg

overview advantages:

  • Siemens Climatix Control
  • Soft start for motor current limiter
  • MultiControl for different output sizes (depending on the MultiChiller S / M / L)
  • Connection via coded connector system for quick exchange and connection
  • Access via Ethernet and HMI for Web

Downloads: MultiControl