cold generator indoor installation

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MultiChiller V-series

compact refrigerator with integrated control!

normal & air conditioning
heat pump

The MultiChiller V-Series is the ideal system for indoor installation with integrated control. The V-series is characterized by a compact solution of the refrigeration technology and the control electronics (Siemens) in one housing. Only the lines for the hot / cold brine and the electrical supply line must be connected.

As an option, heat recovery can be decoupled.

product details:

  • cooling capacity: 5 kW bis 75 kW
  • thermal output:  9 kW bis 100 kW
  • dimensions w/d/h:  MCVS 750/750/1450 mm
  • dimensions w/d/h:  MCVL 950/950/1650 mm
  • weight: ca. 350-450 kg

use of R290-propane, R1270-propene and R600a-butane

overview advantages:

  • integrated control unit
  • frequency converter
  • service friendly
  • ideal solution for indoor installation with a very low refrigerant charge
  • safe, maintenance-free 1) & environmentally friendly refrigeration technology
  • flange connections
  • individual, modular and quick exchange when servicing
  • no repeat test by ZÜS

1) excluding safety devices and gas sensors

Compact design, easy assembly and installation

The compact design of the chiller allows the transportation with a lift truck. Low filling quantities allow the installation indoors. Since the chillers are developed as plug’n’play system, they can be easily installed, connected and immediately commissioned.

Individual, modular and exchangeable

Due to the different sizes, the systems can already be adapted to the individual solution with one device only. For higher capacities, several chillers can be interconnected hydraulically without problems. Due to the simple plug-in system, it is also possible to replace the individual components or chillers quickly and uncompli­catedly for service purposes.

Safe, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly plant operation

Ein TÜV-geprüftes Sicherheitskonzept über Gassensor und Lüftungsanlage, sowie der Einsatz von natürlichen Kältemitteln mit minimalem Potential an Emissionen gewährleisten einen nachhaltigen und umweltfreundlichen Betrieb der Anlage.