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a single or dual-circuit refrigeration unit - versatile

normal & air conditioning

The MultiAirChill (MAC) is our classic solution for outdoor installation with direct liquefaction. It has a condenser that is optimized for the filling quantity in order to reduce the refrigerant filling quantity to a low level. The brine chiller is suitable for high ambient temperatures >40°C and is supplied as a ready-to-connect unit. With the MAC, depending on requirements and performance requirements,

you can choose between 2 construction variants. Heat recovery using the heat recovery energy is available as an option. The device is equipped as standard with a two-stage gas sensor and safety suction.

  • MultiAirChill - dual circuit

    dual circuit

  • MultiAirChill - single circuit

    single circuit

  • MultiAirChill - single circuit cooling

product details:

  • cooling capacit single circuit: 20 kW to 50 kW
  • cooling capacit dual circuit: 70 kW to 200 kW
  • dimensions w/d/h: single circuit 2100-3000/800/1100 mm
  • dimensions w/d/h: dual circuit 3900-5700/1200/2000 mm
  • weight: 500-2300 kg

overview advantages:

  • Powerful solution for outdoor installation
  • Soft start for motor current limiter or frequency converter
  • Safe system technology with two-stage gas sensor and spatial separation between switchgear and refrigeration technology
  • Capacity-optimized condenser