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the powerful industrial refrigeration generator

Our IndustryChill (IC) is the most powerful Futron device. The IC can be manufactured according to purchaser specifications. With this device we can offer you cooling capacities from 250kW to 700kW as well as heating capacities from 100kW to 1MW. Correspondingly higher overall outputs can be achieved in the hydraulic network. The natural refrigerant propane we use offers you future-proof operation.

The IC can be manufactured as an air- or water­cooled system and, depending on the application, is equipped with screw (ICS) or piston compressors (ICK). The condenser can vary in width, depth, height and weight and is selected and dimensioned according to requirements and performance requirements. The housing is provided with a high-quality powder coating for outdoor installation. The pipes are made of high quality stainless steel. Large inspection openings are integrated in the housing for service purposes. A two-stage gas warning device (ATEX) with safety exhaust is standard in the device. Both are part of our security concept.

product details:

  • cooling capacity: 250 kW to 700 kW
  • thermal output: 100 kW to 1MW
  • dimensions w/d/h: 4800/2700/2400 mm (no condenser)
  • weight: ca. 6000 - 6500 kg

overview advantages:

  • Powerful solution for outdoor installation
  • Safe system technology with two-stage gas sensor and spatial separation between switchgear and refrigeration technology
  • Safe, maintenance-free 1) & environmentally friendly refrigeration technology

1) excluding safety devices and gas sensors