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Heat pump MAC - HP

Energy-efficient heat pump

The MAC-HP is a reversible air-brine heat pump for outdoor installation with natural refrigerants. Depending on the requirements, the device can both heat and cool. The range of services ranges, depending on the design, up to 60kW. The device has a blind in front of the evaporator and inclined fans to ensure quick and energy-efficient defrosting, even at low outside temperatures.

The heat pump works with a frequency-controlled, semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor and has a two-stage ATEX gas sensor and a special exhaust system. With the Ecodesign Directive ErP Regulation 2281/2016 / EU, new and tightened minimum requirements for annual efficiency will be created from 2021. With our heat pump we can offer you these minimum requirements. The reversible heat pump regulates itself to a predefined outlet temperature or alternatively to a predefined storage tank temperature.

product details:

  • thermal output: up to 60 kW

overview advantages:

  • Safe system technology with two-stage gas sensor and spatial separation between switchgear and refrigeration technology
  • Soft start for motor current limiter or frequency converter
  • Safe, maintenance-free 1) & environmentally friendly refrigeration technology

1) excluding safety devices and gas sensors

Downloads: Heat pump MAC - HP