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gas sensor exchange system

The futron gas sensor exchange system

The gas sensor must be calibrated at least every 365 days. Using our gas sensor exchange system you’ll change the gas sensor yourself while having a competent contact person for the calibration at your disposal.

We happily carry out the calibration for you. We check, calculate and document the measuring deviation of the device and generate a calibration certificate for you.


And this is how it works:

You set a reminder for approx. 340 days after commissioning of the cooling/heating system and contact us. You buy another calibrated gas sensor and replace it after the total 365 days after commissioning. You store the replaced gas sensor in the warehouse for the next 340 days. After that, you send us the gas sensor you had stored for calibration. We calibrate your gas sensor and send it back to you. This way there are always only two gas sensors in exchange. One calibrated gas sensor which is already installed in the device and one gas sensor which is stored with you in the meantime. The latter is sent to us for calibration approx. 20 days before the still calibrated gas sensor in the unit is replaced. In this way, you can replace the gas sensor punctually after 365 days.

You also have the option of calibrating the gas sensor yourself with a calibration set and training from us.


Your contact person:
Steffen Begerock
phone: +49 (0) 3765 38 03 220

gas sensor exchange system