Cooling of food

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The modular system MultiChillerKit by Futron makes it possible for everybody to put together the suitable refrigeration plant for his or her company - completely without specialist knowledge and additional technical service providers.

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Cooling systems for meat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables...

Cooling food is crucial for preserving the quality and the taste. With our system, we offer a modular design for the use of food cooling systems even with different temperature requirements. Due to the simple extensibility, it is always possible to enlarge the plant or connect additional refrigeration rooms.

Air conditioning +10°C to +30°C
Air conditioning +10°C to +30°C
Normal cooling 0°C to +20°C
Normal cooling 0°C to +20°C
Intensive cooling -20°C to +20°C
Intensive cooling -20°C to +20°C

Butchery/small cooling

Normal- und Klimakühlung am Beispiel eines Metzgereibetriebes

Mit dem MutiChillerKit ist es möglich, mehrere Anwendungen miteinander zu vereinen und damit den Aufwand für Montage und Betrieb gering zu halten. Kühlräume, Klimaanlagen und Kühltheken können parallel betrieben werden und es entsteht ein Gesamtsystem für alle Anforderungen.

Futron: butchery
Air conditioning cassette
refrigeration unit
normal cooling


Futron chiller

2x chiller: 10 kW

air-conditioning cassette
Futron air-conditioning cassette

1x air-conditioning cassette: 5 kW

normal cooling
Futron normal cooling

1x normal cooling: 5 kW

refrigeration unit
Futron refrigeration unit

1x refrigeration unit: 10 kW

Futron drycooler

1x drycooler: 30 kW