Refrigeration technology with natural refrigerant

Our company was established in 2009. Since that time, it has been planning, designing and constructing refrigeration plants with natural refrigerants such as propane, CO2, ammonia, propene, butane exclusively.

Futron cooling technology

For this, we draw from more than 25 years of experience of the parent company WESKA which has been constructing refrigeration plants with natural refrigerants up to 5 megawatts in the large-scale plant construction in particular.

In the past years, Futron GmbH itself has constructed and commissioned more than 300 plants with propane (40-400kW). Thus, we are one of the leading companies in the field of refrigeration plant construction with the main focus on propane refrigeration plants.

Our company attaches great importance to quality. All our products are manufactured at the locations Netzschkau or Dresden. For this purpose, only high-quality products are used which are mainly manufactured in Germany. The label “Made in Germany” is a quality feature for us.
Our team consists of highly qualified employees who are trained regularly and have long-term experience in dealing with natural or flammable refrigerants.

We have our own test stand. On this test stand, the plants can be subjected to measuring processes and performance tests. For the operation of the refrigeration plants and the associated components from our modular system MultiChillerKit by Futron, we programme our controls ourselves and can adapt them to the circumstances. Likewise, we produce the associated control cabinets in our own production facility.


  • Planning, construction and production of refrigeration plants
  • Use of natural refrigerants only
  • 100% subsidiary of WESKA, refrigeration plant specialist in the megawatt range with 25 years of experience
  • Implementation of 300 plants
  • Test stand with elaborate measurement methods
  • Made in Germany - at the locations Dresden and Netzschkau

The modular system by Futron

Our plants can be configured flexibly and individually.

This is how the FUTRON modular system works